Since 1989 the Homeless Coalition has been leading the community solution to homelessness. We are local non-profit working with over 40 partner agencies together to realize our shared community vision of a vibrant community where everyone has a place to call home. The Homeless Coalition serves as a collaborative force, providing partner agencies with guidance and resources to ensure that interventions are effective and efficient for people in need in our community. Join us as we work to prevent and end homelessness in our community!


The Homeless Coalition got our start when homelessness was just emerging as a problem in Fort Worth in the 1980s. Formally established in 1989, the Homeless Coalition began as a volunteer-run organization providing oversight and planning for homeless services in Tarrant County.

Led by a volunteer board comprised of mainly homeless service providers, the Homeless Coalition partnered with local municipalities to plan and apply for federal funding to benefit providers in our community. As the Lead Agency for the Continuum of Care, the Homeless Coalition continues to submit the collaborative application for our community to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

In 2008, we hired our first paid employee, and since then the number of staff and capacity of the Homeless Coalition has expanded significantly, with a budget of $3.5M and a staff of 25.

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