When you give to the Homeless Coalition your financial gift not only impacts TCHC, but also touches all of the partner organizations and programs we serve. We strive to make our community a better place by coordinating the community-wide response to homelessness and impacting all who are touched by this issue.

Contact Audrey Klein with questions and for more information.


We need your help! There has been a significant rise in the number of families experiencing homelessness in our community. You can give your time, talent, or treasure to help the Homeless Coalition and our partners impact the family homelessness crisis.


Email [email protected] to get connected and involved!


Make a financial gift to the Homeless Coalition to benefit families who are homeless. The Homeless Coalition holds a community fund to benefit families moving out of homelessness. This fund helps pay for deposits, application fees, and moving costs.



Collect gas cards to help families get to work. Most families are working and this is very helpful-

any amount matters!



Sponsor a family getting back on their feet. Pay rent for up to one year for a family with an

investment of $15,000.



Families are experiencing homelessness because they can no longer afford to live in our community. Support partners as they propose new housing developments across our community and let elected officials know about your support.


In July 2021, Mark Otis Thornton, former Executive Director of the Homeless Coalition, passed away after battling cancer. Otis changed the way our community addressed homelessness and his impact is still felt today. We hold his family in our thoughts and prayers and will always be grateful for the way he changed Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

In remembrance of Otis’s work, our community is honored to introduce the Forever Home Fund. The Forever Home fund will be used to support people who have exited homelessness and found a place to call home. Funds will be used to ensure people stay housed by providing an array of services to keep people housed and avoid a return to homelessness. Funds can be used to provide homeless prevention rental support, should a person not be able to pay a portion of their rent; pay for job training to increase income; pay risk mitigation fees to landlords, should a tenant cause damage to a unit and need to relocate; pay for transportation to assist with securing and/or keeping employment. Other appropriate uses can be approved by the Executive Director, assuming the expense is directly related to keeping a person housed.

Select “Forever Home Fund – In Memory of Mark Otis Thornton” under Apply My Donation to ensure your gift is applied to the fund.


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