Tammy McGhee

Executive Director

[email protected]

Tammy is TCHC’s Executive Director and leads our efforts to end homelessness. Tammy has worked in the field of homelessness for nearly 20 years, with extensive experience in nonprofit management, financial oversight, program development and grant administration and is dedicated to advocacy, education, and creating programs to meet emerging community needs. Tammy is a TCU Horned Frog and a UTA Maverick and has been known to return to her alma maters to speak in or teach social work classes. When she’s not at TCHC, Tammy is an avid outdoorswoman who enjoys scuba diving, skiing, and hiking, and loves getting to travel and spend time with her family- including a few four-legged members.

Anthony Hogg

Director of Information Services

[email protected]

Anthony is the Director of Information Services and has designed and managed database systems for nonprofits for more than 10 years. Anthony implemented ETO for TCHC in 2011, and has extensive experience with local, state and federal funding sources including HUD grant programs such as SHP, ESG and HPRP, all of which aim to prevent and end homelessness. When Anthony is not solving the world’s problems with data, he like longs walks on the beach, star gazing and giving sarcastic answers to personal things that he likes to do.

Bambi Bonilla

Information Services Manager

[email protected]

Bambi is the TCHC Information Services Manager. She works closely with TCHC’s Assessors, ensuring that processes at the entry points of homelessness are streamlined and work well and our community’s data gives valuable insights to providing services. When she’s not streamlining and working with data, Bambi loves to read and enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.

Carolyn Curry

Director of Planning

[email protected]

Carolyn is TCHC’s Director of Planning and coordinates our system-wide efforts to end homelessness. She and her group work hard to ensure that long-term plans are in place for our community to ensure we reduce and end homelessness through research, data analysis, evaluation and monitoring of programs, connecting systems, and training service providers to ensure our community provides high quality services for those experiencing homelessness. When she’s not planning to end homelessness, Carolyn can be found exploring new destinations, advocating for social causes she cares about, playing with her cat and dog, and wandering the aisles of Target in search of a bargain.

David Swain

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

David is TCHC’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator and he ensures the message and brand of our organization stays consistent and impactful. He is passionate about communicating the stories of those experiencing homelessness in our community and works hard to foster a greater understanding of the issues surrounding of homelessness. David is proud to call himself a Baylor Bear and an SMU Mustang. Apart from his every day here at TCHC, he enjoys the great outdoors and anything involving new experiences.

Joel Marshall


[email protected]

Joel is the scan card guy at TCHC. He makes scan cards so clients can access services at the local shelters and assessments to make sure clients are on the housing list. When he’s not helping clients access services, he likes to go camping with friends and family. He works in the nonprofit field because many years ago his dad told him to be a giver not a taker. Joel feels he’s lived a privileged life, and it is his duty to give back to the community.

Kayla Mosley

Community Engagement Coordinator

[email protected]

Kayla is TCHC’s Community Engagement Coordinator and works hard to ensure that there is constant awareness surrounding the topic of homelessness through special events, fundraising, volunteering, and overall community engagement. She is passionate about making sure that the voices of those experiencing homelessness, and those serving them in our community, never go unheard. Kayla is a proud ACU Wildcat with a love for all things Fort Worth. In her free time, she loves finding new coffee shops, reading a good book, and experiencing new places and people around the world.

Laura Hopkins

Capacity Building and Special Projects

[email protected]

Laura joined us after having completed a VISTA engagement with us where she designed and brought in new and innovative strategies geared toward economic mobility to our continuum. She now works full time on capacity building and special projects for TCHC. Having retired from a thirty-year career in healthcare and social services, her expertise is in developing and implementing Medicaid programs for older adults and people with disabilities. While she has always worked with very low-income populations, homeless services present new opportunities to put her knowledge and skills to use. For fun, Laura enjoys bicycling and cooking with her crazy husband of 133 dog years, and fiber arts.

Lauren Helms

CoC Planning Manager

[email protected]

Lauren is the Planning Manager for TCHC and is responsible for grant writing, program evaluation, and event planning. She is passionate about educating the community on homelessness and encouraging others to see the good in one another. Lauren is a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2012. She enjoys running, watching football, spending time with family including her three dogs, and everything Fall – PSL, anyone?

Lauren King

Director of Housing Services

[email protected]

Lauren is TCHC’s Director of Housing Services and is working to reimagine how our community develops and sustains affordable housing through a new social impact investment model. Lauren works hard to get people to understand that homelessness is something that happens to people and not something that defines them. Her passion lies in programs addressing homelessness and poverty and she is certain that we can figure this out. Lauren is a proud social worker who bleeds purple, but may also have a touch of burnt orange in her as well. When she’s not working to end homelessness, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, traveling as much as possible, and cheering the Frogs on at every opportunity.

Nathan Crites-Herren

CoC Operations Manager

[email protected]

Nathan is our CoC Operations Manager at TCHC and is responsible for helping quickly and accurately match people to housing that best meets their needs. He works extensively with our community partners and primarily focuses on streamlining the coordinated entry process and maximizing diversion and rapid exit programs. When he’s not working to improve system services, Nathan enjoys listening to Pod-casts, reading books and engaging in community actions related to the issues of social justice and poverty.  He also loves playing baseball in an independent adult baseball league.  An avid outdoorsman, Nathan enjoys backpacking, canoeing, hunting, rock climbing and romping through the woods with his two dogs.

Shannon Barnes

CoC Planning Coordinator

[email protected]

Shannon is one of the CoC Planning Coordinators and makes sure all of our community trainings, general meetings, and Boot Camp are in order and go well. She also co-facilitates the Consumer Council and partners on agency performance reviews and got into nonprofit work because she finds joy in helping others. When she’s not ensuring that everyone in our continuum is trained up, she enjoys working out, hiking, camping, indoor rock climbing, and anything else that is adventurous and outside.

Stella Pratt

Administrative Coordinator

[email protected]

Stella is TCHC’s Administrative Coordinator and does a whole lot of everything to keep everyone at TCHC rolling along in their jobs, providing support by organizing and facilitating meetings, keeping track of financial matters, and pretty much assisting in any capacity. She got into nonprofit work because she enjoys being around people and organizations who aren’t scared to do something different to make change. When she’s not keeping things running at TCHC, Stella enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, music, shopping, binge watching Netflix, seeing the latest movies, trying new things, meeting new people and keeping up with the latest dance moves.

Stephen Goodman


[email protected]

Stephen works on the TCHC Helpline as a Housing Assessor. He provides resources for our local community and links both clients and partner agencies with services. Stephen has been volunteering in Tarrant County homeless prevention for several years while he previously worked in job development and fatherhood initiatives. When he is not trying to start ripples of hope with neighbors, he explores Fort Worth’s uniqueness, loves to cook, reads anything, hikes whenever and wherever he can and takes in local theater.

Teimesha Taylor


[email protected]

Teimesha works on the TCHC Helpline as a Housing Assessor and Navigator. She provides resources for our local community, linking both clients and partner agencies with services and assisting people in finding housing. Teimesha is inspired by the kindness of others and believes it can be very contagious if you let it. In her spare time, Teimesha loves to read, bake, cook, craft, play bingo and anything else that she can do with her family.

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