Lauren King

Executive Director

[email protected]

Lauren is TCHC’s Executive Director and works to further community engagement and help our community reimagine what a place to call home can look like. Lauren works hard to get people to understand that homelessness is something that happens to people and not something that defines them. Her passion lies in programs addressing homelessness and poverty and she is certain that we can figure this out. Lauren is a proud social worker who bleeds purple, but may also have a touch of burnt orange in her as well. When she’s not working to end homelessness, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, traveling as much as possible, and cheering the Frogs on at every opportunity.

Alex Dunn

Director of CoC Planning

[email protected]

Alex is TCHC’s Director of CoC Planning and is in charge of all management activities for our local Continuum of Care. Alex is responsible for fostering community-wide alignment and partnerships to ensure our community continues to perform well and at the national and local level. She oversees our annual collaborative grant application to HUD, submissions to the Housing Inventory Chart, Point in Time Count, and Annual HMIS Performance Report. Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree from TCU and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from UTA. She is the mother of two children, and enjoys walking, boxing, great food and reading.

Anthony Hogg

Director of CoC Operations

[email protected]

Anthony is the Director of CoC Operations and has designed and managed database systems for nonprofits for more than 10 years. Anthony implemented ETO for TCHC in 2011, and has extensive experience with local, state and federal funding sources including HUD grant programs such as SHP, ESG and HPRP, all of which aim to prevent and end homelessness. When Anthony is not solving the world’s problems with data, he like longs walks on the beach, star gazing and giving sarcastic answers to personal things that he likes to do.

Shannon Barnes

Director of Training and Special Initiatives

[email protected]

Shannon is the Director of Training and Special Initiatives here at TCHC, and makes sure all of our community trainings, general meetings, and Boot Camp are in order and go well while also facilitating special initiatives in our Continuum. She is passionate about nonprofit work because she finds joy in helping others. When she’s not ensuring that everyone in our continuum is trained up, she enjoys working out, hiking, camping, indoor rock climbing, and anything else that is adventurous and outside.

Marti Lawrence LMSW, CFRE

Director of Community Relations

[email protected]

Marti is honored to serve as the Director of Community Relations here at the Homeless Coalition. She is passionate about the opportunity to connect caring and compassionate people to our coordinated community efforts to provide all of our neighbors a safe and stable place to call home. Marti is a graduate of the UTA Master of Science in Social Work program with a focus in Community and Administrative Practice and a member of the Leadership Fort Worth Class of 2017. She achieved her Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) designation in 2016 and serves as the CFRE Co-Chair for the Fort Worth Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She loves to connect people who want to change the world to people who can. When Marti isn’t focused on building community, she enjoys spending time with her family and wondering why we don’t love each other the way our dogs love us.

Bambi Bonilla

Information Services Manager

[email protected]

Bambi is the TCHC Information Services Manager. She works closely with TCHC’s Assessors, ensuring that processes at the entry points of homelessness are streamlined and work well and our community’s data gives valuable insights to providing services. When she’s not streamlining and working with data, Bambi loves to read and enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.

Casey Davis

Program Support Specialist

[email protected]

Casey is TCHC’s Program Support Specialist, and you can catch her doing everything she can to ensure our office continues to run smoothly and efficiently. She provides everyday support for both boards of directors, stakeholders, TCHC staff, and our partners. Her motivation comes from wanting to do something that makes a lasting impact, instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the issues surrounding homelessness. When she is not doing a little bit of everything to keep us moving forward here at the Homeless Coalition, you can find her shuttling at least one of her kids to events, sports, you name it. Through all of the busy, she still finds joy in travelling, camping, or going outdoors to just spend time with her family!

Charlotte Wiig

CoC Operations Coordinator

[email protected]

Charlotte is one of TCHC’s Operations Coordinators. She assesses people who are experiencing homelessness for housing and employability and gets them linked to appropriate resources. Charlotte is mobile, which allows her to really meet people where they are. When she is not working to end homelessness, Charlotte enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her cat and travelling.

Joel Marshall


[email protected]

Joel is the scan card guy at TCHC. He makes scan cards so clients can access services at the local shelters and assessments to make sure clients are on the housing list. When he’s not helping clients access services, he likes to go camping with friends and family. He works in the nonprofit field because many years ago his dad told him to be a giver not a taker. Joel feels he’s lived a privileged life, and it is his duty to give back to the community.

Karmyn Livings

Information Services Specialist

[email protected]

Karmyn is TCHC’s Information Services Specialist. She assists in the evaluation, development, maintenance, implementation and modification of user needs and requests that come through ETO, Green River, CAS, and Talent LMS. She is motivated to serve those experiencing homelessness because of her awareness that we could all experience the same things they do, and that everyone needs someone in their corner. If she can assist and send love to anyone that doesn’t have it, that is what she will do. Karmyn is a graduate student at UNT, studying Health Services Administration with a concentration in Health Data Analytics. When she isn’t working hard every day to ensure we are constantly improving our user experiences, you can find her catching a nap, shopping, or finding her next great travel adventure!

Kathryn Welch

CoC Planning Coordinator

[email protected]

Katie is one of the CoC Planning Coordinators at TCHC. She assists with the monitoring and evaluation of housing programs, data analysis, and policy research.  She loves working with people and advocating on behalf of those who aren’t given the opportunity to do so. She believes all people have value and deserve a safe environment to thrive and live a happy life. In her free time, she enjoys meeting new people, volunteering, and watching lots and lots of Netflix.

Kayla Mosley

Community Engagement Coordinator

[email protected]

Kayla is TCHC’s Community Engagement Coordinator and works hard to ensure that there is constant awareness surrounding the topic of homelessness through special events, fundraising, volunteering, and overall community engagement. She is passionate about making sure that the voices of those experiencing homelessness, and those serving them in our community, never go unheard. Kayla is a proud ACU Wildcat with a love for all things Fort Worth. In her free time, she loves finding new coffee shops, reading a good book, and experiencing new places and people around the world.

Kimberly Doty

CoC Operations Manager

[email protected]

Kimberly is one of TCHC’s CoC Operations Managers and is our go to team member on all things Landlord Engagement and Employment Resources. Every day she is strategizing new or unique housing solutions for every single person that comes through our Continuum. She is continually engaging new properties on why it is important to house those most vulnerable, while also brainstorming with developers on what it looks like to create new housing through city and nonprofit partners. She is motivated because she believes that everyone deserves to have someone in their corner that is encouraging positive solutions to get them back on their feet. She believes in being there for case managers and their clients through every step and is always there to coach them through the sometimes trickier parts of the rental process. Ensuring the best outcome for their clients. When she is not breaking down barriers to housing in our community, you can find her enjoying family time through sports, girl scouts and boy scouts, 4H shows, camping, or just searching for the best hole in the wall spots here in Texas!

Nathan Crites-Herren

CoC Operations Manager

[email protected]

Nathan is our CoC Operations Manager at TCHC and is responsible for helping quickly and accurately match people to housing that best meets their needs. He works extensively with our community partners and primarily focuses on streamlining the coordinated entry process and maximizing diversion and rapid exit programs. When he’s not working to improve system services, Nathan enjoys listening to Pod-casts, reading books and engaging in community actions related to the issues of social justice and poverty.  He also loves playing baseball in an independent adult baseball league.  An avid outdoorsman, Nathan enjoys backpacking, canoeing, hunting, rock climbing and romping through the woods with his two dogs.

Stella Pratt

CoC Planning Coordinator

[email protected]

Stella is one of TCHC’s CoC Planning Coordinators. You can catch her assisting with monitoring and program evaluations, working on and assisting with grant management, onboarding new agencies into the CoC, and facilitating the committees for our community priority populations and Advisory Council Committees. She got into nonprofit work because she enjoys being around people and organizations who aren’t scared to do something different to make change. Stella enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, music, shopping, binge watching Netflix, seeing the latest movies, trying new things, meeting new people and keeping up with the latest dance moves.

Stephen Goodman


[email protected]

Stephen works on the TCHC Helpline as a Housing Assessor. He provides resources for our local community and links both clients and partner agencies with services. Stephen has been volunteering in Tarrant County homeless prevention for several years while he previously worked in job development and fatherhood initiatives. When he is not trying to start ripples of hope with neighbors, he explores Fort Worth’s uniqueness, loves to cook, reads anything, hikes whenever and wherever he can and takes in local theater.

Teimesha Holland

Information Services Coordinator

[email protected]

Teimesha works on the TCHC Helpline as a Housing Assessor and Navigator. She provides resources for our local community, linking both clients and partner agencies with services and assisting people in finding housing. Teimesha is inspired by the kindness of others and believes it can be very contagious if you let it. In her spare time, Teimesha loves to read, bake, cook, craft, play bingo and anything else that she can do with her family.


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