Coordinated Entry is the front door to all homeless services in our community. Households in crisis are immediately assessed for need and matched with the most appropriate housing intervention to end their homelessness. It is a process designed to ensure all experiencing homelessness have fair and equal access to the community’s resources and are rapidly served with the most appropriate intervention.

Navigators work with households to obtain the necessary documentation to enter housing, facilitate referrals to housing providers, and advocate on behalf of the household. Households are connected to housing programs as openings become available and assisted until housing is secured. The goal is to move families from homelessness to housed in 60 days.


In addition to housing, the Homeless Coalition has identified increasing income as a primary pathway out of homelessness. With the acknowledgement that the need for housing assistance far outweighs what is available, our community had to start doing something different- that’s where Upward comes in with a focus on increasing income.

Upward’s primary goal is increasing income for individuals experiencing homelessness through enhanced employment or access to benefits. In addition to an employment focus, Upward works to connect people to benefits they may be eligible for as well. Benefits like TANF, SNAP, Veteran’s Benefits and Social Security Disability can significantly impact a household’s monthly income.