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Landlord Engagment

Implementing a landlord engagement program is a great opportunity to help reduce homelessness by increasing access to affordable and accessible units for people exiting homelessness.

Program support can include:

  • Building a Successful Landlord Engagement Program
  • Landlord Engagement & Recruitment
  • Landlord Engagement Incentives
  • Housing Search Tools


Diversion is critical to reducing homelessness and helps people quickly exit homeless by identifying immediate alternative housing arrangements to assist them in securing a permanent place to live.

Program support can include:

  • Introducing Diversion to Your System
  • How to Effectively Implement Diversion
  • Where to Find Funding
  • Measuring Performance


Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry is a process designed to ensure all experiencing homelessness have fair and equal access to housing and are rapidly served with the most appropriate intervention to end their homelessness.

Program support can include:

  • System Redesign to Make Housing Faster
  • Designing Housing Assessments
  • Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures

With the goal of quickly responding to, and moving people out of homelessness, your community must have intentional strategies to focus and scale your response to homelessness.

Program support can include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Systems Planning & Modeling
  • Gaps Analysis
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Building a Standard of Care to Develop Leaders in Your CoC

Ending Homelessness in a Large CoC

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