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6350 Baker Blvd
Richland Hills, 76118

Provides education, advocacy, and networking for apartment owners, landlords, and property managers.

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501 W. Sanford, Ste. 20
Arlington, 76011

Provides information and resources for landlords interested in participating in assistance programs

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101 S. Mesquite Street
Arlington, 76011

Multi-Family Residential Section helps protect tenants and contribute to thriving communities in Arlington.

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818 Missouri Avenue
Fort Worth, 76104

Multi-Family Inspection Section ensures landlords provide suitable, safe and sanitary conditions to families living in multi-family communities throughout Fort Worth.

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1201 E. 13th Street
Fort Worth, 76102

New property owner orientation meetings are held at 9:00am on the second Tuesday of each month at the address listed above in the auditorium; attendance is mandatory to participate in assistance programs.